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Piano Journal - London - by Alberto Portugheis

Frédéric Chopin
"Images of a Homeland"

A refreshing new Chopin CD, concentrating on the "Polishness" the unspoken patriotism of the "hero" of the piano. It highlights how Chopin took the basic Mazurka and transformed it into a sophisticated jewel of extraordinary expression and rhythmical force.

The performer, Marjan Kiepura, half Polish himself, is naturally attracted to this aspect of Chopin's genius and has selected the programme on this disc accordingly.

He offers us mainly a selection of Mazurkas, interspersed here and there with a Waltz, a Nocturne, a Polonaise and a Prelude.

Though all the forms are stylishly portrayed, it is the Mazurkas that, in Mr. Kiepura's hands, transport us to Poland and its countryside. Rhythms, dynamics, rubatos, moods are all brilliantly delivered and conveyed, and Kiepura's joy at transmitting this is truly contagious.
Alberto Portugheis

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