Marjan's Musical Soirées

A podcast presented by Marjan Kiepura, pianist and Jane Knox, host and narrator

Marjan's Musical Soirées is a new podcast series where Marjan Kiepura invites you to share in his artistic and musical heritage. Since the launch of his successful Chopin CD entitled, Images of a Homeland, pianist Marjan Kiepura now has a significant YouTube following. Marjan comes from a distinguished musical family. His parents were the opera singers and movie stars Marta Eggerth and Jan Kiepura. The host and narrator, Jane Knox, is fluent in three languages and writes original material for programs and narrates concerts.

First Episode: Chopin's Mazurkas!

Frederic Chopin's mazurkas which are a dance form with special rhythms and accents, would become the most extensive of all of Frederic Chopin's genre. Although not intended for dancing, Chopin composed 58 of these wondrous concerts pieces for the piano. Composed from the beginning of his life to the end of his life - the mazurkas would represent his most personal side. As publishers referred to them as "Souvenir de La Pologne" these gems would create the Polishness that we hear in his music.

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Marjan Kiepura
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