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Marjan Kiepura, son of the great Hungarian soprano Marta Eggerth and the Metropolitan Opera tenor Jan Kiepura, gave two fascinating, heartfelt talks about his parents, together with his wife Jane Knox who has become the virtual archivist for her late mother-in-law's stellar and incredibly long-lived career (Eggerth died in 2013 at the age of 101, and sang with amazingly pure and steady tone till the end). Wonderful archival film clips of the couple's films ("The Charm of La Boheme" and others), and latter-day footage of Eggerth still in impressive form, all of which generated warm applause, were interspersed with highly entertaining and poignant anecdotes from Kiepura, an especially witty speaker, and cogent commentary from Knox, altogether making for an enormously moving, personal tribute.
- August 16, 2016

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