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"Update" to New York Times review by music critic Bernard Sherman

The New York Times review by critic Bernard Sherman, originally published in June 29, 1997, on the collection of Chopin's mazurkas recorded by Polish pianist, Andrzej Wasowski; has been updated with an insert posted on the Internet:

"Update: as of 2003, I would not want to go to the dreaded "desert island" that music critics are asked to imagine without at least one recording of mazurkas. Wasowski would be high on the list of candidates, but two others excite me even more right now. Neither has recorded the mazurkas complete, but what they have done is indispensable. One is Marjan Kiepura, who recently recorded some of the mazurkas and other works on the Patria label. The other is Ignaz Friedman, whose legendary recordings of these works from the 1930s has been reissued in the Philips "Great Pianists of the 20th Century" series...."
-Bernard Sherman

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