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Eternal and beloved Divas
Celebrating Marta's birthday April 17th

Celebrating Marta's birthday April 17th and how better than with a photo of her dear friends Alfred Hubay, Licia Albanese and Maria Jeritza. "Al with the eternal and beloved Divas."

Celebrating Marta's birthday April 17th and how better than with a photo of her dear friends Alfred Hubay, Licia Albanese and Maria Jeritza

Watch Marta sing her own arrangement of the Merry Widow Medley. Marta and Jan sang the Merry Widow 2000 times in five languages all over the world. Here she singing in her late eighties. William Hicks at the piano.

Licia Albanese (1909-2014)
Beloved Licia needs no introduction to her many thousands of fans in the world of opera. More recently she was remembered for the famous "Licia Albanese Puccini competition and galas where the winners of the eponymous singing competition performed interspersed with Opera luminaries. Marta always drew the huge and enthusiastic audience into a resounding standing ovation.

Below picture of Licia and Marta in Manhattan circa 1996 - both lived to be over 100 years old

Licia and Marta in Manhattan circa 1995

Licia Albanese was born on July 23 1909 in Barre Italy and she died August 15 2014 aged 105.

Maria Jeritza (1887-1982)
Marta and Maria Jeritza's devoted friendship had started in Budapest in 1926 and remained throughout Jeritza's life Maria Jeritza had performed with Jan Kiepura many times on the Opera Stage. She was a frequent quest at the Kiepura home where she and Jan would burst into a duet and fill the house with music. She was always full of life and inevitably dressed in her signature large rim hats and shades.

Marta met Maria Jeritza for the first time May 16 1926 as a very young girl.

Maria Jeritza

In her obituary in the New York Time July 11 1982 - John Rockwell quoted that she was famously known as "the golden girl of opera's golden age". Marcel Prawy would call her the "Moravian Beauty" - she had also been known as the "Moravian Thunderbolt".

Maria Jeritza was born on October 6 1887 in Brno Moravia and died on July 10 1982 aged 94.

Alfred Hubay (1925-2018)
Alfred Hubay was a Met Opera legend. He was born June 13 1925 and died October 3 2018 Known to many radio listeners for his immense knowledge on the Met Opera Quiz, Al had started at the Old Met as an usher in 1943 but he quickly rose to fill a position where he held great power as Box Office Manager. It was thanks to his uncanny skill in being able to forecast Box Office hits and receipts that made him so valuable even after his retirement. It also made him a highly respected and legendary figure. Above all he was a very dear friend to many and his support for Opera in general made him much beloved. So many can thank his generosity to so many Opera Organizations such as Opera Index. We miss them all!!

Marta Eggerth was born on April 17th 1912 and died aged 101 on December 26th 2013. Happy Birthday Marta!

Compiled by Jane Knox-Kiepura April 13 2024

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