Marta Eggerth (as Countess Karoline Esterhazy) and Hans Jaray (as Franz Schubert) star in the film 'Leise Flehen Meine Lieder' -- Patria Productions
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Marta Eggerth and Hans Jaray star in the film Leise Flehen Meine Lieder (Softly my songs implore)

Marta Eggerth and Hans Jaray star in the film Leise Flehen Meine Lieder

Franz Schubert, played by Hans Jaray becomes a tutor to the aristocratic Esterhazy family. Countess Karoline Esterhazy, played by Marta Eggerth, had initially angered Schubert when she interrupted his performance at the Estate. However, upon becoming his pupil a very special love story ensues. In this scene Schubert explains to his pupil that music is made up of rythym, harmony and melody, but that the last two elements are nothing without the first. Marta listens silently and then surprises him as we see in this clip:

Marta, as she sings Stãndchen "Serenade", indulges in some portamento and rubato. Schubert, brilliantly cast and played by the famous actor and film star Hans Jaray, is mesmerized and despite his shyness, falls in love with her. This film is one of Marta's most internationally renowned with many titles including in Spain "Vuelan mis Canciones", in Brazil "A Sinfonia Inacabada" in France "Symphonie Inachevée", Italy "Angeli senza paradiso" to name a few. The English version whose Director was Anthony Asquith, son of the Prime Minister, was called "Unfinished Symphony".

Hans Jaray emigrated to America but returned to Europe following WWII. The Kiepura family reunited with him in his later years when visiting his sister Maria Wyman in New York City. It was an honor to meet him. He died in January 1990. Marta Eggerth along with her son Marjan and daughter-in-law Jane Knox-Kiepura hosted an evening dedicated to him at the Austrian Forum in New York City on November 27, 1990. Marta always respected Hans Jaray and remembered him with great admiration and love.

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