Happy New Year from the cast and crew at Elstree Studios in London 1930 on the set of Marta Eggerth's first sound movie 'Die Bräutigamswitwe' -- Patria Productions
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Happy New Year from the cast and crew at Elstree Studios in London 1930 on the set of Marta Eggerth's first sound movie 'Die Bräutigamswitwe'

Happy New Year
The Cast and crew at Elstree Studios in London 1930 on the set of Marta's first sound movie "Die Bräutigamswitwe" - showing historic camera and sound equipment
Director: Richard Eichberg - Music: Hans May

Glückliches Neues Jahr; Szczȩśliwego Nowego Roku; Happy New Year; ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!; Bonne Année; boldog új évet; Bon Any Nou; Feliz Ano Novo! and to everyone everywhere Marjan and Jane wish you a very Happy 2024

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Listen to Marta Eggerth and Max Hansen singing Hans May's composition "Ich such'was, ich brauch'was" (I am looking for something, I need something!) lyrics by Robert Gilbert and Karl Brüll -1932
From Marta Eggerth My Life My Song Track 16
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Included in the photograph with Marta, famed cinematographer Heinrich Gärtner later known as Enrique Guerner is holding camera top left, Fritz Kampers, Marta Eggerth, Director Richard Eichberg, Albert Paulig, Senta Söneland, Emil Guttmann, Egon Brosig, Georg Alexander seated. The famous actress and Cabaret star Gertrude Kohlman aka Trude Kolman standing behind Senta Söneland.

This photo is very historic as by 1934 many had fled and their lives changed forever. Marta had kept this photo safely since 1930. We know she would be happy to know that we are remembering just a few of her many friends she worked with since that time..
Names marked with * are in photo.

Karl Brüll (1885 - 1944?) Lyricist -Film Der Frauendiplomat - More research is needed to ensure bio is on correct Karl Brüll associated with Hans May. He may have changed his name in France. He is listed as lyricist in the Hans May composition featured in this posting and worked extensively with Hans May.

Heinrich Gärtner/Enrique Guerner* (b.1895 Austro-Hungrian -d. Madrid Spain 1962) Cinematographer, Films made with Marta: Die Bräutigamswitwe, Trara um Liebe, Der Draufganger, Es war einmal ein Walzer, Das Blaue vom Himmel -> exiled to Spain and Portugal, established in Spain where he became one of the main cinematographers of postwar cinema and nationalised as a Spanish citizen. He is credited with being involved in the filming of over 150 films.

Robert Gilbert (Berlin 1899 - 1978) Lyricist Die Bräutigamswitwe, Der Frauendiplomat, Ein Lied, ein Kuss, ein Mädel, Kaiserwalzer - German -> exiled to the US 1938, went back to Germany after WWII and finally settled in Switzerland, where he teamed with Frederick Loewe and Alan Jay Lerner, successfully translating Broadway musicals to German language Robert Gilbert was among the most famous UFA film lyricists and wrote songs for many composers including the famous operetta composer Robert Stolz and Ralph Benatzky. Robert Gilbert died in Switzerland in 1978.

Gertrude Kohlmann* - Trude Kolman (b Nuremberg Germany 1904 - d. Munich, 1969), a German actress, cabaret artist, director and theater manager. She appeared as a cabaret artist and Master of Ceremonies in the early Berlin cabaret scene. She took on film roles in 1930 and 1931 including "Die Bräutigamswitwe" with Marta Eggerth. In 1932 she opened her own cabaret "Casanova", and in 1935 she took over the "Tingel-Tangel-Theater", which had been newly founded by the emigre Friedrich Hollaender, which was forced to close in 1935. Kolman emigrated to Vienna, then to Prague and stayed in London and Zurich. In 1939 she settled in Great Britain, where she ran a boarding house in Loxwood Sussex until 1949. In 1950 she returned to Germany. On January 25, 1951 she opened the cabaret "Die Kleine Freiheit" in Munich. Kolman worked as a director and actress and made a significant contribution to the development of post-war Munich cabaret. She died in Munich 1969 - (synopsis of short bio by Dr. Thomas Gayda.)

Hans May (born Mayer) (1886 - 1959) Composer Films with Marta: Die Bräutigamswitwe, Trara um Liebe, Der Draufgänger, Der Frauendiplomat, Moderne Mitgift - Austrian -> exiled to Austria, France then to England where he continued to work for Rank/Gainsborough. Hans May's output in music for film and stage was prolific. He wrote music for at least five of Marta's movies. Marta spoke very highly of him and spoke about how he wrote many songs for her. Hans May used many different names. He was immensely talented and brought his Viennese musical style to London. An authoritative listing shows 100 films whose music was accredited to him. Clearly Hans May's musical work was immense and he was a prodigious talent and so much more can be said about him. (credit to Thomas Krebs who has written extensively on Hans May and Ernst Neubach)

Also want to remember:
Senta Söneland* - German (1882 - 1934) (Films with Marta: Die Bräutigamswitwe, Trara um Liebe, Der Draufgänger)->died in 1934 - circumstances unknown
Emil Guttmann* - Austrian (not related to Artur Gutmann) (1879 - 1934) Die Bräutigamswitwe) -> died in 1934 circumstances unknown

Compiled by Jane Knox-Kiepura - December 27 2023

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